Infusion is run by a team of professionals who have involved in the software business for many years. Infusion has a team of trained and accredited consultants, business partner and developers to deliver Enterprise Resources Management System (ERP), Business Intelligence, Data integration, cross organisation data integration, mobile and clouds solution to customers effectively and satisfactory. All software sold, installed and supported by our Infusion consultants and business partners.

Infusion consultants are professionals who build long-term, trusted relationships with best-in class technology vendors, enabling Infusion to remain objective while working with clients to determine the most appropriate software and service to meet their business needs.

Ongoing channel certification training programs by vendors also ensure that we have in-depth product knowledge and are fully equipped to advice and support customers.

Owner-operated businesses are the most dynamic force in the world economy and yet they are universally challenged by limited resources. Infusion uses its knowledge, expertise and scale to help them build better business by empowering it’s customer to scale-up by digitalizing operations, management and stake holders expectation.