Sage 50 version 2013/2014/2015 VAT/GST Implementation Training agenda:- One day event.

Setup and Settings

• Enabling GST Features and settings.

• Maintaining Key Data Elements for GST Reporting.

Purchases (Input Tax)

1.1.Purchase Order related Invoice.

1.2.Purchase Return Credit note.

1.3.Purchase Sundry Transactions Batch Entry.

1.4.Goods deliver without invoice. (GST rule stated that invoice MUST be issued within 21 days from goods delivered!)

1.5.Making Adjustment in GST return Form 03.

1.6.Invoice more than 6 months. (GST allow to classified as Bad Debt!).

1.7.Capital Goods input tax grouping.

1.8.Imported Services. (Zero Tax)

1.9.Goods on Import (GST paid on clearance!)

Sales (Output tax)

1.1 Sales Order related invoice.

1.2 Sales Order Return Credit Note.

1.3 Sales – Sundry transaction Batch entry.

1.4 Sales deposit receipts treatment. (Customer Receipts)

1.5 Sales of Fixed Asset.

1.6 Invoice more than 6 months. (GST allow to classified as Bad Debt!).

Nominal Ledger & Cash Book Posting

1.1 Taxable & Non-Taxable Journal Entry

1.2 Taxable & Non-Taxable Receipts.

VAT/GST Form 03 Processing.

A. Reading & Calculate Transactions base on GST reporting Period.

B. View Results and make further Confirmation.

C. Make Adjustment (If any!) and Print Reports.

D. Mark transactions as Reconciled.

E. Print Form 03 and marked submission.

F. VAT/GST Transfer for Nominal Account.

G. Make Payment or Receipts.