Edu 4.0

Virtual learning strategy to stay in tune with digital learnings

To create learners with global connectivity, innovative & creative thinkers and challenge lovers

Uses higher sense of vision to perceive concepts & inputs through experiential learnings.


      Produces top skills that are required get in touch with industrial revolution:

Experiential Learning

◊ Competitive game mode that sustain learners attention and interest

◊ Stay in tune with iGen / Generation Z (Tech-savvy)

◊ Knowledge is acquired through self-exploration

◊ Concepts are learnt & taught in practical approach, reduce conventional methods.

◊ Develop understanding of 12 ERP & their link in value chain through live scenario

◊ In-depth understandings of actions & inactions

◊ Courage to make mistakes and instantly learn ways to rectify through visual understandings

◊ As training platform to assimilate newbie into business culture

◊ Instrument to be used as team-building & to deliver overview of ERP concepts.



  • Provides a eustress by triggering team efforts to learn.
  • Each team members would uphold respected responsibilities, initiates communication process that drives the challenge and effort to achieve.
  • Conducted as team work, 4-6 participants in each team
  • GAMIFICATION : At this point, triggers learner’s enthusiasm to win, but at the same time comprehend and picturize concepts for longer-term.

Achievements :

∼ Winner of Nali (New Academia Learning Innovative) Award ∼


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