Training and talent development are keys to maintaing employess with cutting edge in their proficiencies. With limited budget and time, companies must ensure that every resource used in training must be effective and reinforce the business goals.

We approach talent development in a systematic and objective approach to facilitate the identification of competency gaps and identification of training development needs.



Using our system and approach, companies will be able to list the competency of their employees and match them against the job requirement, develop a training road map and arrange for training for their nominated employees.


  • Developed job designation and employee competency profiles based on skills and proficiency level.
  • Create training plan and road map based on training needs and priority from competency gaps.
  • Training Admin functions to facilitate the procurement and administration of training courses, including training nomination, course assignment, training evaluation and training man-hours.
  • Facilitate assignment of WSQ-certified courses.
  • Career Development & Succession Planning to assist staff progression development and grooming of key appointment holders.
  • Summary reports of training hours and spend.
  • Automated routing and email notification to next parties.
  • Role-based user access rights.
  • Linked to our E-appraisal system.