Customer e-Portal for Payment

Using an e-Portal for customer to do payment can

  • reduce the work load for your finance team
  • ease the customer for doing payment online
Integration with Sage 300 ERP Solution

Our customer e-Portal able to integrate with Sage 300 ERP Solution to manage customer payment data. We are using the Sage 300 Web API to integrate our customer e-Portal with Sage 300 ERP Solution.

Integration with Payment Gateway

Our customer e-Portal supports integration with various payment gateways.

... and many more!

Customer e-Portal Features

View and manage customer detail

Admin can view the customer detail,  complaints, and activities from the portal.

Customer payment

Customer can view and pay the outstanding invoice, and view invoice and payment history.

Mobile compatible

Our customer e-Portal supports view from mobile.

Customer e-Portal Function

Outstanding invoice listing

Customer e-Portal will list the outstanding invoice to customer in order for them to do payment.

Complaints management system

Customer e-Portal enable

  • admin to manage the complaint types and urgency levels, and view customer complaints
  • customer to report complaints