MonsoonSim help participants understand business processes. It is suitable for all levels of staff and software covers 13 business function eg. HR, Finance, Procurement, Sales, Logistics, Production, Customer Service, etc

It is a team-challenge exercise and can be deployed for up to 30 participants at one time.  Teams comprising 3-6 members assume different roles in a virtual company and compete openly against each other. They will experience the results of over 250 days of business transactions compressed into 6-8 hours. The team with the highest profit wins. The exercise can be paused at any time for discussion and facilitation by an experienced trainer.

Value of MonsoonSim

  • Provides valuable hands-on experience that classroom lectures and Powerpoint slides cannot emulate.
  • Runs in game mode using real business tools to inject fun and competitiveness to capture participants’ attention.
  • Simulates close to real live business environment with physical limitation, time constraints, running expenses and overheads to account for.
  • Know the impact of mistakes made and learn from them.
  • Get the results of action or  inaction almost immediately. See the impact on P&L, expenses, etc
  • Removes silo mentality and improves communication and understanding between Profit-centre and Cost-centre departments as each member cannot operate in isolation.


  • Business team building tool to improve inter-department communication as well as teach individuals to learn to see the bigger picture.
  • Induction programs to quickly assimilate new staff into the business culture.
  • Profiling tool to assess decision-making capabilities of staff under heightened environment.
  • A good introduction to ERP processes and mindset.

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